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Permaculture Design

A holistic approach to design that aims to create resilient, biodiverse and bountiful gardens. These designs work with natural aspects such as water, soil and land contour to create regenerative landscapes. Can include food forests, kitchen gardens, composting and rainwater catchment systems, hügelkultures, herb spirals, and even small structures such as chicken coops, raised beds, and more. 

Herbalist Garden Design

Let's create your own backyard herbal pharmacy full of carefully curated medicinal plants tailored to your needs.  Whether you have an existing space you'd like to transform or want to start from scratch, I can create a space that will help you grow your health sovereignty. Herbalism coaching is also available. 

Native Plant Garden Design 

Using my specialized knowledge of local native plants, I create resilient gardens that are filled with beauty and biodiversity. Native plants require the least amount of water and maintenance once established, are less prone to pests, are the best way to support local pollinators, and are more adaptable to our changing climate. 

A garden maintenance plan is strongly recommended for all new designs

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And More


Working one-on-one in the garden together, I'll teach you personalized gardening skills focused on what you'd like to learn. Ranging from proper maintenance, plant care, or any specific topic area you'd like.

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Specialist Fruit Tree Pruning

My pruning goals for fruit and nut trees are to enhance fruit yield and tree health. I'm familiar with a variety of pruning styles from standard to espalier and always practise proper tool sanitization.



Sharing expert advice either in-person or online on various topics such as plant selection, soil health, design and other sustainable gardening practices, for you to enhance your garden capabilities. 

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Soil Testing & Remediation

Involves having soil samples lab tested for micro and macro nutrient levels, pH and CEC. Includes suggestions on how to remediate any deficencies and the option of creating a remediation plan.


Site Assessments

Using my specialized knowledge of horticulture and permaculture, I will share a written assessment of how you can elevate your property to become a more sustainable and resilient space. 

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Lawn Conversion

Removing lawn to enhance the biodiversity of the space with garden beds, a native wildflower meadow or sustainable lawn alternative. This service is best performed in early spring or late fall. 

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Maintenance Plan

Custom document outlining  garden maintenance needs throughout each season. Covers plant care, organic fertilizer routines and much more for the homeowner or maintenance crew to follow. See example here.

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Forest Grooming

Reduces wildfire risk by removing built-up ground debris, delimbing trees up to 6', selectively removing small trees and using FireSmart plant selections. Follows the FireSmartBC standards. 

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