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What is your hourly rate?

 I do not charge an hourly rate and am happy to provide a free quote for all jobs.  

Do you offer garden maintenance?

I do not offer ongoing garden maintenance services such as weeding, lawn mowing or biweekly visits.

How does Garden Coaching and a Maintenance Plan differ?

Coaching is a hands on approach tailored to exactly what you'd like to learn. A Maintenance Plan is a written document outlining seasonal maintenance of your garden with no hands-on component. 

What is Permaculture?

A holistic approach to gardening that aims to create resilient, biodiverse spaces that. It integrates ecological principles and practices to create gardens that act like resilient ecosystems and work with nature, giving back more than they take away. 

What are benefits of using native plants?

Native plants are lower maintenance, require less water, are more climate resilient and better suited for our enviroment. Many have symbiotic relationships with native wildlife and are often medicinal or edible.

Why is organic gardening important?

Weed killers and synthetic fertilizers leech into the water table and kill the soil biome which is the foundation of a healthy garden. Healthy soil creates healthy, resilient plants.  You also create safe, toxin-free habitat for wildlife such as pollinators and amphibians.

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