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Instructor of permaculture at the Pacific Horticulture College and the permaculture garden coordinator at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific. Holds both a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Permaculture Teacher Certificate

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Recieved certificate in Landscape Horticulture from the Pacific Horticulture College and recieved their Excellence in Design award

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Completed a herbalist apprenticeship at Ravensong Herbals and studied Alchemical Herbalism at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Also runs a herbalist business;

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Studied mycology for over a decade, taking courses with world-renowned mycologists such as Andy MacKinnon and Paul Stamets

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Currently pursuing a diploma in applied permaculture through the Permaculture Institute and taking a pollinator steward certification through Pollinator Partnership

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With a holistic permaculture perspective, I utilize unique features such as natural microclimates, water and light availability, soil quality and existing features to craft a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable.

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Practising ecological horticulture, all my designs strongly emphasize soil and water stewardship and prioritize the inclusion of native species and habitats for beneficial wildlife such as pollinators.

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Using my specialized knowledge of edible, medicinal, native, pollinator-friendly and climate-resilient plants to create visually stunning and practical landscapes that offer sustenance and sanctuary for people, wildlife, and the planet.

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