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June 22nd, 2024 Online
9am - 12pm on Zoom

Be introduced to permaculture and learn how to enhance edible and ecological abundance through sustainable gardening practices in both urban and rural settings.


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About This Class:

Be introduced to the amazing world of permaculture, a holistic approach to land and life management that emphasizes sustainable practices, self-sufficiency, and diversity. This online class will introduce you to the core principles and ethics of permaculture and the many ways they can be integrated into our gardens, communities and beyond. It will share with you their practical applications in urban and rural landscapes, as well as different ways of cultivating flourishing, food-yielding ecosystems no matter if you’re in a downtown apartment or on a rural homestead. You’ll discover a variety of sustainable gardening methods that encompass proper plant selection, companion planting, varieties of composting, water conservation, and more. This class explores a diverse array of permaculture techniques that offer you a holistic understanding of how to work in harmony with natural systems and will help you foster ecological abundance for all. 


About the Instructor:
Bethany Couture is a holistic horticulturalist from Victoria BC. Through her studies, she realized there must be more sustainable ways to cultivate sustenance from the land, which led her down the path of permaculture and wove together her passions for horticulture, herbalism, mycology, self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability. She is the lead steward of the permaculture garden at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific and is the permaculture instructor at the Pacific Horticulture College. She also runs her own horticulture business, Garden A
lchemist, which designs landscapes abundant with edible, medicinal, and native plants.

In This Class We'll Cover:
- History of Permaculture
- Foundations of Permaculture
- Site Mapping
- Plant Guilds
- Food Forests
- Edible Plants and Trees
- Urban Permaculture
- Water Conservation
- Soil Stewardship
- Composting Techniques
- Animal Integration

- Habitat Creation
- Social & Urban Permaculture


This Class Would be Great for:
- Edible Gardeners
- Hobby Farmers
- Homeowners Wanting a More Sustainable Garden
- Plant-passionate Folks
- Home Gardening Enthusiasts
- Eco-conscious Individuals
- Landscapers

Class Summary:
- 3 hours of lecture with Q&A

- Engaging group and individual activities
- Includes a recording of the class & invaluable resource handouts

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