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Garden Alchemist

May 11th, 2024 on Zoom  
10am - 12pm, Online

Learn to assess wildfire risks, understand fire behaviour, and design gardens that not only look beautiful but also protect your home.

Wildfire Resilient Gardens

Class Description:
As wildfires become more prevalent, understanding how to create and maintain a  garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and resilient against wildfires is essential. This class offers gardeners strategies and techniques for developing a beautiful fire-resilient landscape. Be part of this informative class and take the first step towards creating a safer, more beautiful, and sustainable outdoor environment.


About the Instructors:
With 32 years working for Parks Canada in ecosystem conservation, Jennie combines this experience with her permaculture, horticulture, and forestry background to help homeowners maintain wildfire-resilient properties. She holds a Masters in Environmental Management, diplomas in Forestry and Wildlands Parks Management, and certifications in Organic Master Gardening and has completed the Local FireSmart Representative training.


Bethany Couture is a holistic horticulturalist and permaculturalist from Victoria, BC. She is the lead steward of the permaculture garden at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific and is the permaculture teacher at the Pacific Horticulture College. Bethany also runs her own holistic horticulture business, Garden Alchemist where she designs landscapes rich in edible, medicinal, and native plants.

What You Will Learn:
- Wildfire Risks
- Wildfire Behaviour Basics
- How to Mimic Nature’s Wild Fire Resilience
- Creating Wildfire Resilient Gardens


This Class Would be Great for:
- Proactive Homeowners and Residents
- Gardening Enthusiasts
- Environmentalists and Conservationists
- Landscapers and Landscape Designers
- Community Leaders and Neighborhood Groups


Class Summary:
- 2 hours of lecture with Q&A
- Includes resource handouts after the class

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